Our Mission

The Jayne Koskinas Ted Giovanis Foundation for Health and Policy (JKTG Foundation) aims to change health care for the better.  Funding innovative medical research, data analysis, events and other projects, the Foundation serves as an honest, independent broker of ideas and actions designed to advance both health care and health policy. 

The JKTG Foundation has been established as a private operating foundation and is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Foundation has assembled a wide variety of analysts from varied backgrounds and experiences for the broadest possible array of perspectives. Learn more about the Foundation's vision, current projects and research efforts by signing up for our newsletter, following us on Twitter and exploring the website.

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EmergingTreatments Oct. 25

JKTG-sponsored event explores new diagnosis and treatment of metastatic breast cancer...Learn more.

ACA: Preclusion Problems 

Learn about the concerning ACA preclusion provisions and issues they may pose...Read more.

Video: Trump and Health Sector

Wall Street analysts + policy expert discuss politics, policy and markets.  Watch the replay or read the transcript...Learn more.