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The JKTG Foundation focuses on projects and issues that we believe our support and curiosity can greatly impact (click here to learn more about our 2023 initiatives.) The JKTG Foundation also identifies researchers or scientists with whom we want to work and then, collaboratively, considers appropriate projects. Below are studies which we have supported.

In addition, the JKTG Foundation has three areas of research focus: Cancer Metastasis, Health Care Quality and Real-world Evidence. Learn more about our work in those areas.


Triple-negative breast cancer metastasis involves complex epithelial-mesenchymal transition dynamics and requires vimentin
Published in the journal Science Translational Medicine

Intermittent Hormone Therapy Models Analysis and Bayesian Model Comparison for Prostate Cancer
Published in the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology

Perspective: Materials-driven approaches to understand extrinsic drug resistance in cancer
Published in the journal Soft Matter
This piece sets the stage for collaborative work that JKTF Foundation funding helped spark among researchers

Agent-based-models help interpret patterns of clinical drug resistance by contextualizing competition between distinct drug failure modes
Published in the journal Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering


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