Beyond Fear 

JKTG Founder and President Ted Giovanis tells the gripping story of overcoming long odds in a battle with the federal government, culminating in one of the largest court settlements in the history of Medicare


 Beyond Fear provides a blueprint for how concerned citizens can seek to remedy federal transgressions while also showcasing the ways in which career bureaucrats can and often do shape public policy. Order your copy today - - or download  the audio book -


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A new year brings renewed focus to JKTG Foundation research projects and events | Read more.

Fighting COVID-19 with international research

The JKTG Foundation is funding collaborative research that builds on existing JKTG-funded simulation framework and will help identify interventions to disrupt and slow the disease | Learn how.

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The JKTG Foundation is honored to be supported by TeamTGM, a championship-winning race team that competes in the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge | Learn more.