Research Focus: Real-World Evidence

The JKTG Foundation supports analysis, research and events that advance development and adoption of real-world evidence in policy.

Real-world evidence incorporates patient experience, in a reliable and secure manner, to improve the efficacy and safety of treatment for disease and illness. It can also help patients make more informed decisions related to the care they receive.

Recent legislation cleared the way for drug companies to begin building this important patient perspective into their process and the FDA released a framework that outlines how real-world evidence should be used.

The JKTG Foundation believes the U.S. must develop policy and data infrastructure to take full advantage of secure patient information to improve both treatment and outcomes for all patients. Leading the Foundation’s work in this area are events and reports by the Bipartisan Policy Center (links below).

Resources on real-world evidence:

Real-world evidence – What does it really mean? | JAMA Oncology

Expanding the use of real-world evidence in regulatory and value-based payment decision-making for drugs and biologics | Bipartisan Policy Center

Framework for FDA’s real-world evidence program | FDA

Real-world evidence for coverage decisions: opportunities and challenges | Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research

Using real-world evidence to accelerate safe and effective cures | Bipartisan Policy Center

The role of real-world evidence in regulatory and value-based payment decision making | Bipartisan Policy Center

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