Many are focused on being successful and achieving the highest level of performance. In racing, we measure this in lap times often down to the second or tenths of a second.

A recent racing article provoked me to think about the pursuit of “the last tenth” of a second in improvement which is typically the toughest and most difficult to attain.

Many drivers who are successful get there through varied paths. Some, as younger individuals, have successful parents which in turn allowed their offspring to attain success more conveniently.

Others perhaps had less successful parents and found their own path to good performance. What differentiates the good drivers of varied beginnings from the great drivers is a question to ponder.

History tells us that many drivers who have become great came from meager beginnings. Many believe their meager beginnings and the toughness of their paths contributes to their success.

However, the key could be the always fighting to succeed mentality which allows them to more vigorously pursue their success and achieve the “last tenth” (as in of a second in lap time). This toughness provokes them to be great – even greater than the drivers who had an easier time getting to the top.

To me it’s the same in life. The vigorous pursuit of the last tenth is what keeps us engaged even when the going gets tough. As the old Army saying goes – when the going gets tough, the tough get going. I believe it was this way for me.

So, no matter where your starting line may be, even a meager beginning, that start ignites the toughness that gets you to success.

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