The JKTG Foundation again sponsored the annual Wall Street Comes to Washington Roundtable bringing Wall Street analysts together with Washington policy expert Paul Ginsburg, Ph.D., to explore what the latest market developments meant for national health policy and how the political climate will affect the health care sector. 

Participating in the discussion with Ginsburg, Brookings and USC Schaeffer Center, were panelists Matthew Borsch, Goldman Sachs; Ana Gupte, Ph.D., Leerink Partners; and Sheryl Skolnick, Ph.D., Mizuho Securities USA.

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Ted’s Take: The other end of the field

Ted’s Take: The other end of the field

JKTG-funded research, Iron oxide nanoparticles inhibit tumor progression and suppress lung metastases in mouse models of breast cancer, appears in the journal ACS Nano and features a collaboration between researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Hormel Institute at the University of Minnesota.

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