2022 Initiatives Drive Funding and Focus

In 2022, JKTG Foundation work focuses on rethinking health care quality, emerging cancer research, and uses for real-world evidence.

Of particular interest is building collaboration by fostering multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary research in the area of breast cancer metastasis. Learn more about supported initiatives. 

Ted’s Take: Batting Averages and Thoughtful Giving

In his series, Ted’s Take, JKTG Founder and President Ted Giovanis gives candid insights on health policy, research, the non-profit world, and more.

This year, Ted cautions that many experts providing commentary on TV and other media lack true perspective on the issues and are not held to task for inaccurate observations and false predictions. If they were, the result would be a horrible batting average. Read more here.

Ted also urged those considering charitable contributions to more strategically consider what they want their gift to accomplish, offering steps to help someone maximize the benefit of their contribution dollars.

TeamTGM Leads Into Laguna

TeamTGM owner/driver Ted Giovanis and driver Owen Trinkler have unofficially taken over the points lead in the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge. Follow the action @TeamTGM.

TeamTGM is the only IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge team to be 100 percent dedicated to charities – the Jayne Koskinas Ted Giovanis Foundation and Camp Boggy Creek.

Funding @ Work

Research partially funded by the JKTG Foundation appeared recently in the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology and the journal Cancers.

Intermittent Hormone Therapy Models Analysis and Bayesian Model Comparison for Prostate Cancer, includes work by Heiko Enderling, Ph.D., a researcher with whom JKTG has worked on several projects.

Post-Hypoxic Cells Promote Metastatic Recurrence after Chemotherapy Treatment in TNBC, includes work by Daniele M. Gilkes, Ph.D., a researcher with whom JKTG has also worked on several projects.

See more recent publications of research in which JKTG Foundation participated here.

Featured news

Targeting effective treatments for triple-negative breast cancer

Targeting effective treatments for triple-negative breast cancer

The JKTG Foundation recently awarded funding to Laura Heiser, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Vice Chair of Biomedical Engineering at the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) School of Medicine, to develop a prototype multiscale model designed to predict therapeutic responses of tumor ecosystems – a new frontier in breast cancer research.

read more

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