The JKTG Foundation recently awarded funding to Laura Heiser, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Vice Chair of Biomedical Engineering at the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) School of Medicine, to develop a prototype multiscale model designed to predict therapeutic responses of tumor ecosystems – a new frontier in breast cancer research.

This work aims to identify effective therapies for women diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer, an aggressive disease that frequently affects young women and is twice as common in Black and Hispanic women.

Today, roughly 40 percent of patients do not experience long-term benefits from standard therapy and there is urgent need for effective treatment regimens.

The project involves team members from OHSU, Indiana University and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Learn more about this work.

JKTG Funding@Work: We aim to change health care for the better by funding unbiased research through a unique selection of researchers, scientists and projects. Recent publications featuring JKTG-supported work includes:
Outlook and opportunities for engineered environments of breast cancer dormancy by Nathan R. Richbourg, Ninette Irakoze, Hyuna Kim, and Shelly R. Peyton. appears in Vol. 10, Issue 10, Science Advances

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*The term stakeholder is used often in healthcare and can conjure up differences and finger pointing instead of commonalities. To successfully achieve shared objectives, particularly one as important as caring for patients, we need to consider a quote by Ken Burns: “The thing that I’ve learned is that there is no ‘them.’ This is what everybody does: make a distinction about ‘them.’ It’s just ‘us’.”

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